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Highlighting navigation items on scroll in React with IntersectionObserver

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This week I was working on my personal website (, and I needed my navigation items to be highlighted when scrolling to the linked section. I found some solutions with a scroll listener, but none using the widely supported Intersection Observer (

So I decided to write the logic myself. What has to be done first, is referencing the <section>’s using React.useRef.

import * as React from "react";
const personalRef = React.useRef(null);
const portfolioRef = React.useRef(null);
const contactRef = React.useRef(null);

Now we have the reference to the <section>’s we can fire up the IntersectionObserver. I prefer to do this using the React.useEffect hook. The ref objects are added as dependencies, so we can reference these when they are ready. I use the 0.5 threshold, this will cause the observer to be triggered when the <section> is >50% visible. The navElement gets the navigation element which has a href pointing to the <section>’s id.

React.useEffect(() => {
let observer;
if (personalRef.current && portfolioRef.current && contactRef.current) {
const options = {
threshold: 0.5,
observer = new IntersectionObserver((entries, observer) => {
entries.forEach((entry) => {
const navElement = document.querySelector(
if (entry.isIntersecting) {
if (!navElement.classList.contains("active")) {
} else if (navElement.classList.contains("active")) {
}, options);
return () => observer.disconnect();
}, [personalRef, portfolioRef, contactRef]);

And that’s it! The active class will be added to the navigation element which points to the <>. By adding the return function at the end of the useEffect hook, we make sure the IntersectionObserver is cleaned up correctly.

Full code can be found on

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